Ma’am, That Uterus Will Cost You Extra [Jezenomics]

AKA ‘Why John McCain can go to hell and rot’. He’s old enough, not far off.

The more I read about this guy the more I feel justified for thinking Republicans are a giant bunch of…what’s the word I’m looking for? Cunts.

I just found out my birth control isn’t covered by my new health insurance, but the question at the moment is, we can’t seem to figure out if they cover ANY prescriptions. Wow, how fucking useless is that?

Obama had me at ‘National health insurance’ when I first discovered he was a potential candidate. The amount of money the American Government wastes on ruining the world instead of helping it’s own people, the ones giving them money for existing, makes me livid. Which is why I try and ignore politics these days, otherwise I’d be riddled with ulcers.


It used to be that insurance companies justified charging women more for health insurance because they could get pregnant and be more expensive, but then someone pointed out the business fallacy that…

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