Portable fireplace? Sure, why not?

As someone who absolutely loves a roaring fire in the winter months but has yet to live in a rental that has a working fireplace (or would let you use it anyway) this is kinda awesome, especially as a patio heater idea.

Yes, I used to light fires as a child, and no, not always in an appropriate place. Ah, kids.



It was only a matter of time, huh? For a mere $3,300 you, too, can carry a briefcase-sized fireplace between the home, the office, the kids’ soccer game, wherever!

And when Conmoto, the company that makes the TravelMate Mobile Fireplace, says “wherever,” they mean “wherever”. You can use this thing “on the carpet, on the dining table, next to the sofa, on the terrace, or in the garden.” Try that with a space heater!

I’m not 100% sure how all the magic works, but there’s apparently some sort of fuel tank inside the apparatus and there’s a glass pane held on by magnets, which is removed to start the fire. The glass gets put back on once the fire’s going and then the flame can be requlated from outside using a steel slide. So it seems to work sort of like one of those little portable propane grills. Be careful!

TRAVELMATE Mobile Fireplace [Conmoto.com] via Crave

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