Table Lovelies: Simrin’s Nature Collection

2008_08_28-Simrin.jpgWe don’t write about a lot of purely decorative accessories here at The Kitchn; we try to stay rooted in the more practical side of cooking and eating. But cooking does involve presentation, and since we’re planning on buying a few items from this line of textiles, we wanted to show you too.

2008_08_28-Simrin2.jpgI love simple and organic linens for the table, and I usually lean towards plain solids and good fabrics. But this sometimes turns out a little too plain, and I’ve been looking for something to dress up the dining room a little more.

Enter this collection from Simrin. They have several patterns – some with brighter colors and a more pop sensibility – but this Nature pattern is perfect for my tastes. Elegant, understated, with a pattern that makes me think of old biological etchings and engravings. Beautiful!

There are napkins, towels, a runner and a tablecloth available in the pattern, in a range of colors from green to silver to bronze.

2008_08_28-Simrin3.jpgThe pattern is also available now on lovely trays and glassware.

Buy Simrin Nature linens at Arte Bebe – $33 for 3 dish towels; $38 for a set of 4 napkins; $44 for 4 placemats; $48 for a runner; and $69 for a tablecloth.

Buy laminated trays and coasters at Arte Bebe – $30-$105

Simrin website

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