I am a damn hippy

I think these are really awesome. Now if I could have one of those and a natural hot spring in my backyard, I’d be set! First things first….get a backyard!

swimmingpoolA090808.jpg This summer we discovered a rope swing a couple miles out of town that has become a weekend mainstay for beating the heat. For the lucky owners of these swimming pools however, a relaxing, cool, green paradise is no further than their own backyards.

While several of these are from Europe, there are companies around the world that specialize in natural pools. But how do these pools stay clean? There are various low-to-zero chlorine options, including a specialized filter containing coated titanium plates and copper and zinc ions by TechnoPure and ozone injectors by DEL Ozone, that reduce the need for chlorine by up to 90%. The most green option however, is constructing a swimming pond that includes aquatic vegetation for natural filtration and aeration of the water. A waterfall can ensure water movement to prevent mosquitoes, and UV sterilizers can kill any potentially dangerous germs. Kansas-based Total Habitat specializes in this type of swimming pond.

For complete sideshow of all 23 pools, please visit TheDailyGreen.com. I’ve selected a few of my favorites below:


You won’t find much (if any) chlorine in these pools. In fact, you may even find plant life and other organic material, which help naturally filter the water.



Via TheDailyGreen.com

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