Peanut Modular Sofa by Hudson Furniture

Well hey, if you don’t have a sofa at all, start from scratch! Rectangular shapes would be easy enough to sew, and you could fill with either foam or bean bag beans…the thought of a giant bean bag sofa is sort of awe inspiring. Imagine the lounging potential!

Or you could actually buy this one, but at the moment, money isn’t a real thing to me. Buying things? More than a few bucks? Crazy talk…


Last week, we posted beautiful pictures of Piero Lissoni’s Alphabet Modular Sofa — a new sofa system from Fritz Hansen. Reader gabriel_s gave us the heads up for the similar — but more casual in appearance — Peanut Sofa from New York-based company Hudson Furniture. The Peanut uses a few shapes and lets the user customize a seating environment…



The Peanut Sofa is available from Hudson Furniture Inc..

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