Walkable Neighborhoods / Atlanta’s Beltline

This is kind of totally awesome. Since I’m moving back to the states and one of my great laments about leaving the UK is being shackled to a car, this site provides the kind of need-to-know info about moving to a new neighborhood and, you know, being able to walk to a bar. Booya.


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4 thoughts on “Walkable Neighborhoods / Atlanta’s Beltline

  1. That’s nice and central, and there’s pretty good public transportation, except for the lack of subway stop in Georgetown! I used to love Georgetown but it sure has been Dean-and-Deluca’d and lost a lot of it’s funky character in the last decade. Same goes for Harvard Square, except it got Abercrombie’d! My own neighborhood in Atlanta is going through the same bad genetrification-gone-too-far process as well.

  2. Yeah the last time I visited Georgetown it was more like an historically themed bricked over outdoor mall than a cultural area. Sigh!

    I’ve been to Atlanta a couple times…I’d heard of the proliferation of Peach Tree street names but witnessing it first hand was impressive!

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