Inspiration: Alternative Uses For Christmas Lights


As part of our family tradition growing up, we’d always string lights around the Christmas tree the first weekend after Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, we don’t have the space to put up a real tree in our apartment but we still like the warm glow of a simple strand of white lights. We rounded up a handful of AT reader ideas and previous posts to make your apartment sparkle (even if you don’t have the traditional Christmas tree).


  • Tube lighting in your bathroom will certainly keep the festive cheer going throughout your house (and it has an artistic vibe that can hang around once the holidays are done).

  • Pinning a white sheet on the ceiling where white Christmas lights are hiding behind will give the room an ethereal glow.

  • Try placing an entire string of lights into a loosely woven basket and placing it up high on a shelf. You’ll get tiny specks of light peeking through which will make the basket glitter.


  • This is a great way to cover up the lighting eyesore (in this case, a chandelier). Try putting the strand on a dimmer to regulate the output of light.

  • Try tacking a strand of Christmas lights or tube lighting underneath kitchen cabinets or on the underside of your bed frame for a nice ambient light source.


  • Check out this post on how to create your own glittering landscape by using a white canvas and a strand of Christmas lights.

  • Take a large cylindrical vase and fill it with a strand of Christmas lights. You’d be amazed how the container glitters because of the glass.


  • We spotted this 2-D tree in Domino Magazine this month and thought it would be a great idea for those of us that don’t have a ton of room for a real tree. They suggest to lightly pencil an outline on the wall and secure two tiny nails or tacks at each “point” and run the cord around the edge.

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