Shorpy: Fun with Old Photos

I love old photos. Even more than that, bright HD old photos. I feel a collage coming on….

vaca62708.jpgShorpy bills itself as the 100-year-old photo blog. In fact, this visual blog specializes in photos through the sixties. Everything from Ebay finds to famous photographers are posted here and can often be ordered to live where you do.


Landscapes and cityscapes, home snaps to national archives, these photos are mesmerizing. Check the Kodachromes for some serious color inspiration. And the name? From a tough little miner captured in several of the site’s photographs.

Shorpy also links to sites that sell prints of patent designs, crate labels and propaganda posters. Don’t click out until you hit the Shorpy shop with prints by Juniper gallery.

  • 400+ affordable prints
  • Style: Small glossies & museum-grade cotton rag mattes
  • Sizes: 8×10 up to 44×36
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1957, Florida


Office of War Information meets art meets social commentary.


Gorgeous color palette from 1940s Puerto Rico with a patio as seen in many modernist landscaping plans these days.


Another Office of War Information shot by David Bransby.


A fashion photo by Toni Frissell, 1947.


Thanks again, Office of War Information – by Jack Delano.

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