How Cool is Kristin Schaal?

Seriously?? And how bad does the American media’s disgusting remarks on Hillary Clinton piss me off? Almost as bad as knowing that my brother would probably make the same kinda jokes…why do I have to have a republican in my family? Love him anyway, he’s the only family member I can watch ’40 Year Old Virgin’ with and not be the only one laughing. Sigh.

I met Kristin Schaal briefly in the bathroom of the 100 Club (as you do) at the sold out David Cross show Jamie and I managed to get into last summer. I said I liked her set and then we joked about something, probably bathroom related, and all in all she was very nice and friendly for those 2 captive minutes.

I love Bust, but I don’t endorse Flight of the Conchords. Maybe it’s that the kiwi accent reminds me of an ex, maybe it’s cause they’re really just fucking annoying.

First, she gets to hang out with Flight of the Conchords all the time.

Then, she gets to hang out with Jon Stewart and do this:

Yeah, that’s right. Hillary’s defeat had nothing to do with sexism.

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