Mygazines Makes It Easier To Be Paperless

Lemme just say, brills.

Along with this will be my new time killer. WOOT!

073108-mygazines1.jpg We were given a heads up this week by reader erinpearce to a new site that’s worth taking a gander at. It’s helping to eliminate some of the magazine clutter that our coffee tables and shelves are so often filled with and is an online archive of all different types of magazines. You are able to browse through thousands of publications page by page such as Dwell, Readymade, Elle Decor and even Cat Fancy (if you look at it online you won’t have to admit to actually reading it right?) Click through to learn more about it…

Mygazines is your free place to browse, share, archive and bookmark unlimited magazine articles. Each magazine is uploaded by other users who use the Mygazines community.
We are unsure of the legalities of scanning material in of this nature as our phone call to the company has yet to be returned, but we will keep you updated.

You can search for your favorite publications not only by title or category, but also by time and date. And if you don’t want to read a magazine in it’s entirety, you can find lists of most read and top rated articles (as deemed by other users).

So next time you feel the need to spend an hour flipping through magazines at the local bookstore (please tell me someone else does this too), don’t forget you can do it from the comfort of your own home, while sporting your favorite pajamas and avoiding the teenage hangout scene.

Photo from Jessi via Flickr.

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