Goth Plants

One of the most random things about me is that fact that I have a strangely lustful adoration of all things horticulture, probably due to living on an organic herb and flower farm with a commercial sized greenhouse. A greenhouse is a great place to hang out and read a book in the winter, it’s warm and bright inside no matter what.

I’m rather picky about what plants I really like though…like a bike punk who still listens to Against Me!, I feel guilty for enjoying hostas (variegated!) and peonies and tulips because, well, everyone else likes them and they’re so common. I’ve even come around to hydrangeas, and kick myself for not using the large bushes of periwinkle flowers in front of my parents house for gorgeous center pieces, like Blair Waldof. Ok, so maybe I was partially influenced by Gossip Girl in my recent change of opinion, but whatever.

When I finally have a patch of dirt to call my own, I’m gonna have one section that will be totally devoted to Tim Burton and plenty of these black (and deep purple) flowers will have to make an appearance. Plus a giant bush trimmed into a dinosaur, of course.

blbat62506.jpgTuesday, we posted a look at common plants in uncommonly dark hues.

Today, it’s lesser known specimens with truly black beauty, like the Black Bat above.



Closeup on the leaves of a Fagus sylvatica “Riversii” tree


The cute “Starling” Auricula

blk62508.jpgIf Edward Gorey made sunflowers: The Black Knight scabiosa

Black calyces are darkly cheerful

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