How To: Measure Your Sofa For A Custom-Made Slipcover

This combined with the mock tufting technique = awesome new sofa! I need to get rid of the sectional monstrosity living in my apartment (my mothers thriftiness is short on taste sometimes) and relieve my parents overcrowded living room of the extra sofa they refused to part with when they downsized homes 9 years ago. Problem is, though it has good bones, it’s made of fabric I, um, wouldn’t personally choose, and that the cat would certainly RELISH shredding to bits.

I think my sofa make-over will be a win-win. Fingers crossed.

090808_slipcover01.jpgIf you are looking to change the color scheme in your home, it may include changing the color of your sofa. With a measuring tape in hand and a bit of patience, you can correctly measure your sofa for your own custom-made slipcover. This process can be easy by following these measuring tips after the jump.

090808_slipcover04.jpgMeasuring the cushions and frame:

Please refer to the diagram and matching steps. While this may seem overwhelming, just take it step-by-step and you’ll have your measurements in no time.

Keep in mind that most companies custom make slipcovers to match a back. Common backs are Round Back, Tuxedo Back (both back and arm are the same heights), Low-Straight Back or High-Straight back. Here’s information on how to measure for a round back. For all 4 styles, click here for measurement information.

  • Seat Length (A) – Enter total length of all seat cushions in between the arms.
  • Seat Height (B) – Height of seat cushion.
  • Couch Length (C) – Measure base, left to right, approximately 4″ below seat cushion.
  • Arm to arm (C1) – Measure distance outside the arms at widest point.
  • Couch Depth (D) – Measure side depth of furniture at the bottom. (at seat cushion level)
  • Arm Depth (D1) – Measure Arm depth, from tip of the arm to the back.
  • Skirt Width (E) – Measure from underneath of seat cushion down to the floor. (in center of furniture)
  • Back Overlay (F) – Remove seat cushion, measure from seat cushion base over the back and down to floor.
  • Arm Width (G) – Top of arm. Measure at widest point.
  • Arm Width (G1) – Bottom of arm. Measure at lowest point.
  • Arm Height (H) – Measure from tip of arm down to cushion base.
  • Seat Depth (I) – Measure depth of seat cushion.
  • Back Height (J) – Remove seat cushion, Measure from base of furniture to the top.

[Information via Slipcovershop]

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