Decorate cakes with stencils

What a good idea! Today I’ve decided I MUST go grocery shopping to stock my little fridge instead of pillaging my parents kitchen all the time…out of guilt but more likely because you can’t make good french toast with ’11 grains and nuts whole wheat bread’. Now I’m not pro Wonder bread or anything but my mom prefers bread that is as close to chewing on bark as possible.

But I digress….cake….I think I will make myself a ‘look you’ve got a job’ cake, if I get the design studio position as well, I guess I will have to make TWO!

I’m not a huge frosting fan, but I do love powdered sugar, cocoa, and graphic shapes. I think I need to make some cake stencils like these from Martha. Get instructions for making your own with downloadable templates right here. More downloads are here. I like this homemade cupcake stencil, too. You could also download a font that would work well, like this one.

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