The beginning or the end of the week

Sunday, finally. After starting two new jobs, enduring holiday family time, and trying to be social whilst maintaining illusions of non-alcoholism, I’m ready to be left the hell alone. I should feel better, I think, it seems like this was what I was working towards when I got thrust back here but it still just feels…wrong. Mustering enthusiasm is like taking a deep breath of musty air and coughing out lung fulls of dust. Nothing appeals.

Hades chewed through the cord to my Christmas tree so until I find a way to repair it, no glowing tree for me. I know Christmas is over, but I was hoping for a good couple weeks of residual holiday cheer. Red cups, don’t leave me!

Netflix officially supports Mac now so time to break as many ties with reality as possible and live vicariously through fictional characters.

I’m thinking my new year’s resolution is going to be…wait for it…keep hydrated.

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