Alkaline Trio: “Agony & Irony”

Oh Matt Skiba, even though you’re married (and I’m almost) and can’t sing well live (which will never prevent my attendance), I still ❤ you. I cannot see any black, red, and white color scheme without thinking of the Trio.

You may not break any new ground with this record, but that’s ok, at least you’re consistent, a rock in my life.

The question pre-listen? How many songs feature bloody/dying/zombie children??

I went to sleep with ‘I love you, I love you, but I love rock and roll more than I love yooouuuu’…Zombina, we’ll get you on better bills (and better fans), some way, some how!

Alkaline Trio have launched a full album stream of their forthcoming major label debut. The record is titled Agony and Irony and is due out July 01, 2008.

You can check it out on their myspace page.

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